Private Party

Your friend has invited you to join the biggest underground party the internet has ever seen! ALPHA

We've had problems with the chrome store blocking us.

So we recommend installing it manually instead:

1. Click download, then unzip.

2. Go to "chrome://extensions/" in your URL bar.

3. Toggle developer mode on.

4. Click load unpacked, select the unzipped folder.

5. Party! Go send a secret post on FB!

- Mobile, Safari, IE/Edge support coming soon.

- Brave, Firefox, Opera, etc. work similar to Chrome's manual install.

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Anti-Surveillance Capitalism

Private Party is a browser extension that encrypts your posts so Tech Giants (and us) can't mass spy, censor, profit, or prey on you.

Party Mode uses Bitcoin-like Proof-of-Work key derivation to melt bad guys' servers!

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Private Security

We have the best bouncer & DJ in town: ex-Navy wartime specialist, Crypt O'Graphy.

Secret Agent Mode has 100% security using peer-to-peer Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

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For You,

Crafted with love, by ERA!

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